Sample Case Adsorbers & Accessories

Use the practical sample case to be able to clearly show your customers how a GIEBEL Adsorber® and matching accessories work.

Product Code: SC_Ad-Acc_general
Item Number: 60.0001.00

250,00  (plus VAT)

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Product Description

The sample case contains:
1x VV-RV 3M (without desiccant)
1x VV-D 2L (with Silicagel)
1x VV-D 1M (with GIBEL Xdry®)
1x Valve part of series 3
1x Flange LK 73mm
1x Flange LK 41mm
1x Filling flange LK 73mm
4x Bottles with Desiccant (GIEBEL Xdry®)

Weight 6 kg