Keep your systems dry and clean.

Rising oil prices remind us that we need to be more economical with our resources. This also means effectively protecting the oil in your systems and storage tanks from the entry of moisture and dirt particles so that you can use it for as long as possible. At GIEBEL, we design and manufacture adsorbers that dry and clean the air before it even enters the system. This is how we ensure that your transmission oils, hydraulic fluids, diesel reserves and many other substances that are sensitive to the entry of water are protected in the long term.

Designed and produced in Germany.

As a specialist for aeration dryers and oil separators, we use our expert know-how to protect processes from moisture, oil mist or other pollutants.

GIEBEL adsorbers ensure that moisture has no chance to enter the system and oil mist does not get into the ambient air.

Use them on …

Hydraulic power packs

By drying the incoming air, adsorbers protect hydraulic power packs from condensation damage.


Sucked in, moist ambient air significantly reduces the service life of a gear oil. Adsorbers can prevent the entry of humidity.

Barrels & IBC

Breathing dryers from GIEBEL can be used to protect hygroscopic substances in barrels and IBCs like isocyanate, oils and biological fuels.

Storage tanks

When tanks cool, moist air leads to condensate and thus reduces the quality of the substance contained. GIEBEL has developed special tank ventilation dryers to keep the air dry.


GIEBEL dehumidifiers protect transformers from hydrolysis of the cellulose paper in the transformer and thus from a reduction in its degree of polymerisation by effectively drying and filtering the sucked in moist supply air.

Closed Systems

Ambient dryers are used in closed rooms and containers to protect the contents from damage caused by humidity (e.g. in switch cabinets, server cabinets, display cases or storage containers for moisture-sensitive goods).

Mobile Machinery

The hydraulics of mobile machines are exposed to high temperature fluctuations and humidity and are usually operated with bio-oil, which is particularly sensitive to moisture. Adsorbers protect the system from the entry of humidity.

Pipelines (inline)

Giebel inline adsorbers are mounted directly in a pipe to dry the air or to filter out pollutants. They can be filled with silica gels, molecular sieves or activated carbon.

We also provide you with Accessories, Spare Part Kits & Desiccants.

Upgrade your adsorber


At GIEBEL we design numerous accessories that adapt the use of our ventilation dryers to your operational requirements.

Spare Part Kits

Reuse the durable components of an adsorber over and over again – and replace just the inner workings. That is sustainable.


The core of our adsorbers: desiccants. For more about silicagel, molecular sieve and other desiccants visit our desiccant website.

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