Driven by the idea of making hygroscopic substances usable for longer by protecting them from contact with moisture, we develop and produce GIEBEL Adsorbers® for the global market.

As a young, up-and-coming company, we have already made it into the top 5 manufacturers of aeration dryers and continue to work with ambition and passion to offer our customers adsorbers perfectly tailored to their plants, to perfect our desiccant mixture GIEBEL Xdry®, to control the maintenance of our aeration dryers with GIEBEL Sense® and, as part of GIEBEL Refresh®, to design sustainable products whose components are used not just once, but again and again.

From development to production.

We work for and with our customers on efficient solutions. With modern CAD software, we create 3D models and prototypes according to customer requirements and ensure flexible and fast production as well as short delivery times with our on-site production.

Quality Management.

The foundation of the value chain of our GIEBEL Adsorbers® is quality and sustainability. The name GIEBEL stands for quality Made in Germany, far beyond the country’s borders. We confirm this with our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

With our participation in the worldwide GS1 system, we also create optimal conditions for smooth cross-company, cross-national and cross-industry data and goods traffic.

Expert know-how.

Our greatest asset: employees who are experts in their field! This makes us outstanding product engineers in adsorption technology and specialists in the handling of desiccants. Since 2020, our passion to develop the perfect desiccant mixture for our adsorbers has grown into another company pillar that deals with the application possibilities of silica gel, molecular sieve, alumina & activated carbon away from hydraulic units, gearboxes, storage tanks, drums & transformers: GIEBEL Desiccants.

Our values.

High quality standards, a good price-performance ratio, excellent customer service as well as innovative, future-oriented products and honest dealings with our customers – that’s important to us!


Personal, friendly, professional.


Future-oriented products.


Honesty & reliability.


High product standards.

Company history.