For mounting, monitoring, protecting & venting.

With suitable accessories we adapt our GIEBEL Adsorbers® to the individual conditions of your plants. This page gives you an overview of our standard accessories. The right accessory is not listed? Then please contact us. We will be pleased to develop suitable special solutions together with you.

Flange Adapters

Suitable flange adapters are available for mounting a GIEBEL Adsorber® to a hydraulic tank. In the versions 3x M5 with hole circle 41 mm or 6x M5 with hole circle 73 mm according to DIN 42557 and flange design DN25, GIEBEL Adsorbers® can be mounted to all existing hydraulic systems without any problems.

The flanges are supplied with a suitable gasket made of NBR, FKM or EPDM as well as the stainless steel screws.


Sensors help you to keep an eye on the loading status of an adsorber and to plan maintenance intervals in advance so that filter changes do not lead to unplanned downtimes. Our GIEBEL sensors transmit a pre-warning as soon as the adsorber is 75% loaded and indicate the change point as soon as the filter is 100% loaded. The information is output via an analog signal or Modbus RTU, depending on the sensor type.

IBC Covers

The corresponding cover can be used for mounting a GIEBEL Adsorber® on an IBC container. Available in nominal sizes 150 and 225. The matching threaded sleeve for the breath dryer is integrated.

Suction lances

With the help of a suction lance, a barrel pump and a bypass filter system can be connected to hydraulic tanks and the substance can very easily be taken directly from the ground. The simultaneous use of a GIEBEL Adsorber® dries the incoming air and protects the system from moisture. Available with BSP 2″ thread for 216.5 liter barrels and according to DIN24557 for hydraulic tanks, the suction lance is resistant to numerous substances.

Filling adapters

The use of a filler adapter allows easy refilling of oil into a hydraulic power unit or gearbox. The 40mm filler neck allows easy filling of the oil without having to remove the adsorber. The filler adapter is available with 41mm or 73mm bolt circle for hydraulic tanks or with screw thread for gearboxes and includes all components required for mounting such as strainers, seals and screws.

Oil separators

By using an oil separator, a GIEBEL Adsorber® is protected against contamination by larger oil particles. In plants with high oil mist emission, the oil separator reduces the proportion of evaporating oil particles and cools the air. This protects both the adsorber and the environment from harmful oil vapors. In addition, the oil separator acts as a protective component against oil leaking from the hydraulic tank or the transmission.

Wall mounts

The wall mount is suitable for the flexible installation of GIEBEL adsorbers® where space is limited. As a screw-on version for concrete walls, with clamping claws for steel beams or as a suspension version for grids or fences, no conversion measures to the plant are necessary for the use of an adsorber. In addition, the wall mounting can be connected to the plant with suitable hose and connection parts.

Valve adapters

The valve adapter is used when an adsorber is mounted on the hydraulic tank of mobile machines with a tank preload of 0.3 and 0.5bar, such as an excavator. The adapter holds the existing tank preload and thus ensures smooth operation of the machines.

Ventilation systems

When a tank is filled without vapor recovery, the air must be able to escape from the tank unhindered. This is ensured by the ventilation system. In this way, there is no overpressure in the tank. In combination with a GIEBEL Adsorber® , the incoming supply air is dried in the tank and the material is protected against contamination with water.

Mounting adapters

The use of a mounting adapter allows the installation of a GIEBEL Adsorber® on a horizontal barrel and, in case of a given lack of space, on hydraulic power packs and gearboxes. This is achieved e.g. by a horizontal or offset mounting or an increase of 250mm. The GIEBEL Adsorber® can thus be aligned in the desired direction and fixed with the lock nut.

Protection adapters

By using a protection adapter to monitor a GIEBEL Adsorber® , an optical or electronic signal is transmitted in case of too high under-/overpressure. This makes it possible to detect whether a filter needs to be replaced. For effective protection, this assembly can also be equipped with protection valves with an opening pressure of 150mbar to ensure the air exchange of the system in case of too high pressure or in case of a complete blockage of the aeration filter.

Protection hoods

To operate a GIEBEL Adsorber® even in very harsh environments, this stainless steel accessory is used. The protective hood allows the use of standard air dryers in mining, on ship decks, on construction sites and many other applications. Simple visual inspection of the adsorber as well as maintenance is possible without restrictions.

Sleeves & reductions

For the flexible assembly of a GIEBEL-Adsorber® we offer a wide variety of couplings and reducers. Whether with internal thread or mixed forms, as well as in all material designs (e.g. aluminum, stainless steel, polypropylene, nylon, etc.), these adapters support the assembly of an adsorber to the conditions of your plant. BSP G, BSP R, NPT, metric and other thread types solve numerous design challenges.