GIEBEL Refresh®.

Improve the ecological footprint.

Our aeration dryers not only extend the life of your equipment, ensure the quality and longevity of operating oils, and eliminate the need to maintain constant room temperatures to prevent condensation – we’ve also designed them to meet our own standards for sustainability and longevity.

How. By developing refillable adsorbers that require replacement only of those components that have actually reached the end of their product life cycle. All other components remain in service. With Spare Parts Kits and Spare Fillings, you can replace the inner workings of your adsorbers yourself at any time. Or you can use our GIEBEL Refresh® system, return used adsorbers and receive a credit note for your next order in return. We recondition the returned adsorbers and put them back into circulation.

How GIEBEL Refresh® works.

Return used adsorber

Return your loaded GIEBEL Adsorber®.


You will receive a credit on your next order.

Sustainable plant operation

You operate your plants more cost-effectively and improve your ecological footprint on top of that – because the durable components of your returned adsorbers are used again.

Register return.

Please use the form below to register the return of your adsorbers. GIEBEL Adsorbers® from year of manufacture 2020 onwards (except Duo-Vario and Variovent), which are received by us without any damage to the housing and inner workings, will be taken back and reconditioned within the scope of the GIEBEL Refresh® system. When shipping, please make sure that the adsorbers are well packed and thus safe on their journey.

We will issue you a credit note to offset against your next order (not payable in cash).