The GIEBEL Sense®.

Sensor for detecting the loading condition of an adsorber.

GIEBEL Sense® is a sensor attached to an adsorber by means of a carrier plate, which detects the loading status of the GIEBEL Xdry® charge and transmits it analog or via Modbus RTU. This allows you to reorder an adsorber in time, to plan maintenance intervals in a targeted manner and to avoid downtimes at your plants. Signals are output via 4 fixed switching outputs at loading states of 0%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

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To attach the GIEBEL Sense® to an adsorber, the adsorber is pre-drilled according to the drilling template and fitted with a support plate suitable for the adsorber size (available for the 2, 3 and 5 series).

A PTFE membrane sticker is placed on the inside of the tube on the hole in the center.

The sensor is plugged on and screwed tight. In this way, it can be easily transferred to other adsorbers provided with a carrier plate.

Mode of operation.

The desiccant fill reduces the relative humidity inside the adsorber. The more moisture the packing has already absorbed, the less water it can remove from the air flowing through it. The %RH value of the air surrounding the desiccant is therefore directly related to the loading condition of the adsorber. Thus, the sensor can “measure” the loading condition.

0%-49% Loading
(Value 0 = OK)

50%-74% Loading
(Value 1 = MEDIUM)

75%-99% Loading
(Value 2 = WARNING)

100% Loading
(Value 3 = FULL)

Technical data.

Modbus RTU Analog
Temperature -40°C bis +70°C  -40°C bis +70°C
Housing Polyamide (PA) Polyamide (PA)
Size 60 x 74 x 33mm 60 x 74 x 33mm
Weight 200g 200g
Input variable Humidity 0-100% RH Humidity 0-100% RH
Operating voltage 24V DC  24V DC
Protection class IP 67 IP 67
Output RS485 A/B 4-20ma analog signal

Module plug pinout.

Modbus RTU Analog
Plug M12 a-coding, 4-pin M12 a-coding, 4-pin
Pin 1 +24 V DC (brown) +24 V DC (brown)
Pin 2 RS485 A (white) 4-20ma (white)
Pin 3 GND (blue) GND (blue)
Pin 4 RS485 B (black) — keine — (black)