Brochure – German

Printed product brochure with a listing and description of all series, explanations of how the adsorbers work on hydraulic power units, gearboxes, storage tanks, barrels & IBCs, transformers and mobile machinery as well as in closed systems and pipelines, and information on desiccants.

The digital version can be downloaded for free.

Product code: Br_general_DE
Item number: 60.0003.00

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Product Description


1. Überblick
1.1 Anwendungsbereiche
1.2 Adsorber Serien
1.3 Zubehör
1.4 Services

2. Adsorber für spezielle Anwendungen
2.1 Hydraulikaggregate
2.2 Getriebe
2.3 Lagertanks
2.4 Fässer & IBC
2.5 Transformatoren
2.6 Geschlossene Systeme
2.7 Mobile Maschinen
2.8 Rohrleitungen (Inline)

3. Trockenmittel
3.1 Trockenmittel
3.2 Trockenmittelbeutel