The VV-D series

Cost effective & easy to maintain

GIEBEL Adsorbers® of the VV-D series are disposable aeration dryers without valves. They are suitable for indoor, outdoor and offshore use on hydraulic power packs, gearboxes, barrels and IBCs as well as on mobile machinery.
Depending on the adsorber size, the plastic housing is filled with 0.08kg (VV-D 1M) to 4.3kg (VV-D 5XL) of GIEBEL Xdry®. This desiccant mixture ensures effective drying of the supply air and absorbs up to 1505ml of water (VV-D 5XL) until the color change is complete. A 3μm filter additionally cleans the sucked-in air. When air is forced out of the system, a layer of activated carbon adsorbs escaping oil mist, protecting the desiccant and environment from contamination. When the adsorber is saturated, it is replaced. We recommend the use of the VV-D series especially for plants with permanent air exchange and short maintenance intervals.

Move the mouse pointer over the blue highlighted adsorber components of the VV-D and learn which task they perform in the adsorber.

Mode of operation

Adsorption – Drying of the supply air

  • The level in the system decreases
  • Humid air is sucked in
  • Air flows pressureless into adsorber
  • Uniform flow through the adsorber
  • Air is dried to 2%rH
  • Silica gel changes color
  • Air is filtered to 3μm

Dry and clean supply air

Desorption – Separation of oil particles

  • The level in the system increases
  • Dry, oily air is squeezed out
  • Activated carbon absorbs oil mist
  • Dry, oil-free air regenerates the silica gel
  • Silica gel partially recolors

Self-regeneration and oil-free exhaust air

Technical Data


The sucked-in air flows through the openings in the lower part of the adsorber almost without pressure. The air is then evenly distributed across the cross-section. The pre-filter disc frees the air from coarse dirt particles.

When flowing through the desiccant, the water molecules are reliably removed from the air. The gap volume of the granulate is optimally selected with 2 to 5 mm grain size and guarantees a minimum pressure build-up with very good drying efficiency at the same time. Thus, a residual air humidity of max. 2% rH and a dew point of -40 °C are achieved at the beginning of the drying process. A 3µm particle filter ensures that all dirt particles are separated from the ambient air and the silica gel and that the connected plant is not contaminated.

When air is discharged, a two-stage slosh protection and a layer of activated carbon prevent oil droplets, oil particles and oil mist from entering the desiccant, thus enabling the adsorber to self-regenerate.

With increasing saturation, the orange silica gel grains of the GIEBEL Xdry ® fill turn green. If the silica gel grains have turned completely green, the adsorber must be replaced.

Pressure ratio

Replacement Cartridge

There is currently no replacement cartridge for the VV-D series available. Here, the complete adsorber is replaced after saturation.