The VL-D series.

Disposable inline adsorber with integrated filter

GIEBEL Adsorber® of the VL-D series are disposable inline filters with connections on both sides for installation in a line. The plastic housing is filled with GIEBEL Xdry®. The desiccant mixture ensures effective drying of the supply air. In addition to the desiccant, a filter is integrated to separate abrasion and ambient dirt.
VL-D adsorbers are used to dry air streams in electronic, optical or other systems.
If required, the inline filters can also be filled with other desiccants – e.g. molecular sieves (3A, 4A, 5A, 13X), if other substances are to be adsorbed specifically in addition to the separation of moisture.

Mode of operation.

Adsorption – drying of the supply air

  • Air flows into the adsorber and is filtered to 2μm
  • Uniform flow through the adsorber
  • Air is dried to 2% RH
  • GIEBEL Xdry® discolors as saturation increases

Dry and clean supply air

Technical data.


The air flows through the insert grid into the adsorber and is evenly distributed over the cross-section. The first filter disc retains coarse dirt particles. When flowing through the desiccant, the water molecules are safely removed from the air. The gap volume of the granulate is optimally selected with 2 to 5 mm grain size and guarantees a minimum pressure build-up with very good drying efficiency at the same time. Thus, a residual air humidity of max. 2% rH and a dew point of -40°C are achieved at the beginning of the drying process. An additional foam filter disc ensures that all dirt particles are separated from the ambient air and the GIEBEL Xdry® fill and that the connected plant is not contaminated.
With increasing saturation, the orange silica gel grains of the GIEBEL Xdry® fill turn green. If the silica gel grains have turned completely green, the fill must be replaced. After 4-5 replacement cycles at the latest, we also recommend replacing seals and filter discs.

Pressure ratios.

Replacement Cartridges.

There are currently no replacement cartridges for the VL-D series. After complete saturation, the entire adsorber is replaced.