The VG-D series.

Disposable adsorbers without valves for indoor & outdoor use

GIEBEL Adsorber® of the VG-D series are disposable oil mist separators without valves. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use on hydraulic power packs, gearboxes, drums & IBC.
The plastic housing is filled with activated carbon. Combined with a slosh guard and oil demister, the activated carbon cleans the air coming out of the unit, protecting the environment from oil aerosol contamination. When the adsorber is saturated (discoloration of the white silica gel layer), it is replaced. VG-D adsorbers are used on turbo gearboxes, test benches and recirculating oil lubrication systems.

Mode of operation.

Adsorption – separation of oil particles

  • The level of the system increases
  • The air containing oil is pressed out
  • Slosh guard and demister prevent oil droplets and finer oil particles from exiting the system
  • Glass fiber filter separates further particles
  • Activated carbon absorbs the finest oil aerosols

Oil-free exhaust air

Desorption – filtration of supply air

  • The filling level of the system decreases
  • Dirty air is sucked in
  • Pre-filter disk prevents the penetration of larger dirt particles
  • Air flows into the adsorber without pressure
  • Glass fiber filter filters air down to 3μm

Dry and clean supply air

Technical data.


Excess pressure in the system forces air containing oil out of the system. Large oil droplets are retained at the two-stage slosh guard and drip back into the system. The demister is used to condense larger oil particles, which stick to it, condense and also drip back.

Finer particles are separated at the 3µm glass fiber filter and returned to the tank. Only the finest oil aerosols end up in the high volume activated carbon. The 4mm cylindrical pellets adsorb all remaining particles, protecting the environment from contamination. At the end of the adsorber’s life cycle, the bottom white silica gel layer turns a brownish oil-like color, indicating the end of the operating interval.

Due to the valveless design and multi-stage separation, this adsorber has a high efficiency in separating particles from the system and a low differential pressure.

Pressure ratios.

Replacement cartridges.

There are currently no replacement cartridges for the VG-D series. After complete saturation, the entire adsorber is replaced.