MA-RV series

MA-RV series adsorbers consist of an aluminum housing with valve section and are used for aerating aggressive substances or for use in harsh environments. The very robust housing withstands the most adverse conditions and optimally protects the system to be aerated from water ingress. The application is on hydraulic systems, gearboxes and storage tanks worldwide.

The adsorbers are filled with up to approx. 10 kg of desiccant and can also be used with FKM or EPDM seals for the aeration of SKYDROL, DOT4 brake fluids and other hydraulic fluids. In addition to effective air drying, particle separation down to 3µm is achieved.

The MA-RV series adsorbers can be used in zone II 2 G / D IIC T4 according to ATEX product directive 2014/34/EU. The saturation of the desiccant is controlled via the viewing window. Maintenance of the wear components can be performed quickly and inexpensively.

Structure and added value

Refillable version ensures favorable operating costs

Increase in utilization times through the use of activated carbon

Clean supply air due to integrated 3μm filter

Efficient desiccant with harmless color indicator from orange to green

5Sloshing protection:
Prevents oil droplets from entering the desiccant

6Robust Housing
Housing completely made of aluminum. Can be used according to ATEX 2014/34/EU, Zone II 2 G/D IIC T4

Protection against unnecessary loading ensures long periods of use

Method of operation

Adsorption – drying of the supply air

  • Level of the plant decreases
  • Humid air is sucked in
  • Valves open at approx. 5 mbar
  • Uniform flow through the adsorber
  • Air is dried to 2%rH
  • Silica gel changes color
  • Air is filtered to 3μm

Dry and clean supply air

Desorption – Separation of oil particles

  • Level in the plant increases
  • Dry, oily air is squeezed out
  • Activated carbon absorbs oil mist
  • Dry, oil-free air regenerates the silica gel
  • Silica gel partially recolors

Self-regeneration and oil-free exhaust air


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Atex Declaration
NEC505 Conformity
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REACH Compliant
IP Protection Class IP66
RoHS Compliant
Corrosivity Class C4
CE Conformity
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Technical Data


The sucked-in air opens the valves in the lower part of the adsorber already at approx. 5 mbar. After flowing into the adsorber, the air is distributed evenly over the cross-section. The pre-filter disk frees the air from coarse dirt particles.

When the desiccant silica gel flows through, the water molecules are reliably removed from the air. The gap volume of the granulate is optimally selected with 2 to 5 mm grains and guarantees a minimum pressure build-up with simultaneous very good drying efficiency. Thus, at the beginning of the drying process, a residual air humidity of max. 2 % rH and a dew point of -40 °C are achieved. Due to the water absorption, the silica gel in the standard changes color from orange to green. A complete green coloration indicates the end of the product life cycle. The 3 µm filter ensures that all dirt particles are separated from the ambient air and the silica gel and that the connected equipment is not contaminated.

In the case of outgoing air, the two-stage sloshing protection prevents larger oil droplets from penetrating the desiccant. The activated carbon also adsorbs the finest oil particles, thus enabling the adsorber to regenerate itself.

Adsorbers of the MA-RV series are made of aluminum, silica gel orange, FKM or EPDM seals and can be used for aeration of all common hydraulic and gear oils and lubricants, fuels as well as isocyanates. In addition, SKYDROL, brake fluids and solvents, for example, can be aerated with this series.

Pressure ratio