The HS-D series.

Disposable adsorber with ePTFE filter (water repellent)

HS-D series adsorbers protect gearboxes from water droplet ingress while allowing them to breathe. Using an ePTFE filter in the core of the rugged polyamide housing, gear oil is protected from water contamination, even when the gear is used outdoors or cleaned with water.
The 0.3 micrometer pores of the membrane filter retain water or oil, but allow air to flow through. The pressure build-up remains low.
The HS-D membrane filters are an excellent alternative to adsorbers when liquid water is a challenge for a gearbox, but humidity does not cause problems.

Mode of operation.

Adsorption – separation of liquid water

  • Humid air and fine water droplets enter the adsorber through the lower openings of the HS-D
  • Water droplets are separated at the membrane filter.
  • Humid air flows inside

No liquid water in the system

Technical data.


The air flows through the lower openings into the adsorber. Liquid water is separated as it flows through the membrane filter. Humidity, on the other hand, can enter the system through the filter.

Pressure ratios.