The AS-D series.

Disposable adsorbers without valves for indoor, outdoor & offshore use

GIEBEL Adsorber® of the AS-D series are acid separators without valves. They consist of a PVC housing with activated carbon filling and are used to separate aggressive substances before they evaporate into the environment. Even when adsorbing formic acid and hydrochloric acid, the adsorbers remain stable over a long period of time. As a disposable design, the AS-D adsorbers are easy to install and efficient and quick to replace.
They are mainly used in plants of the chemical industry, especially on IBC containers and drums. However, other plants can also be equipped with this type of adsorber.

Replacement Cartridges.

Für die AS-D-Serie sind derzeit keine Ersatzkartuschen erhältlich. Hier wird nach vollständiger Sättigung der komplette Adsorber ausgetauscht.