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Wall Mount OSL

With the Wall Mount OSL, adsorbers can be connected to a system even where space is limited and without the need for costly conversion work. The wall mount OSL is suitable for screwing to walls, steel beams or even components of your plant. If you intend to mount the adsorber on components that are exposed to vibrations / movements, we recommend the Wall Mount SL.

This wall mount is suitable for adsorbers in sizes 2 ,3 and 5 (this corresponds to diameters of of 90mm, 110mm and 150mm).

The wall mount is available in two versions, with G1″f and G3/4″f connection. When selecting your adsorber, make sure to order it with G1″m or G3/4″m connection.  As a supplement, you can also get the matching PVC hose from us.


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Product Description


G3/4"f, G1"f

Adsorber Size

2, 3, 5

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