Wheel rolling mill

Objective: avoidance of condensation and permanently good oil quality

Water and dirt particles are 80% of the causes of damage to hydraulic systems, gearboxes and rolling bearings. In many industrial companies, extreme environmental conditions are an everyday companion and cause high costs.

In July 2013, a GIEBEL Adsorber® was mounted on a hydraulic unit in a German wheel rolling mill, together with a 600l fresh oil filling. During a 4-month observation phase, the oil was checked monthly for impurities and especially water content in a laboratory. During this time, the system was operated unchanged, permanently and exposed to the usual influencing conditions in a rolling mill without any restrictions.

The result speaks for itself: No water in the oil! The proportion of absorbed water remained unchanged low over the entire period and the oil quality at fresh oil level! The previous year’s values, without GIEBEL Adsorber®, however, show a clear difference.

without adsorber
with adsorber
with adsorber
with adsorber
with adsorber
SiliconSi [mg/kg]92355
Water K.F.ppm43142546343
Purity classISO 4406

Added value

  • Water content unchanged low after 4 months.
  • Oil quality unchanged after 4 months of use in the rolling mill, no oil change necessary.
  • Adsorber used not discolored, service life many times longer.
  • Operating costs reduced and risk of unplanned downtime reduced!