Waste baler

Breathing drying on a hydraulic tank of a recyclable material press

In many waste management companies, baling presses for pressing recyclable materials are part of the operating equipment. The hydraulic systems of the balers are constantly in use and exposed to special environmental conditions. The hydraulic tanks of baling presses are protected by GIEBEL adsorbers so that trouble-free operation is possible with long maintenance intervals.

Baler and conditions of use

An adsorber was installed on a KONTI 275 D baler manufactured by Kadant Paal GmbH for testing.

Necessity of an adsorber

In June 2019, an oil sample was taken from a baler and analyzed in the laboratory.

Based on the test results, the operators of the baler decided to install an aeration dryer for a test period of four months. The test was intended to show that the use of an adsorber can reduce not only the water content but also the purity class, thus improving the quality of the oil.

After the end of the test period, a new oil sample was sent to the laboratory in January 2020. The result showed that the water content was almost halved.

For a permanent maintenance or reduction of the cleanliness class to the value 16/14/11, the operators were recommended to install a bypass filter system with a flow rate of 80 l/min and a 3μ-filter element. The existing pump from the oil cooler, with a tank size of 2,500 liters, is too small with a volume flow of 30 l/min.