Wheel Loader – Earthwork – Hydraulic Unit

Use Case: Wheel Loader for Earthworks Adsorber on Hydraulic Unit Wheel loaders are exposed to harsh environments on construction sites - they are used in all weathers and must function reliably over long periods. Adsorbers protect the entire hydraulic [...]

Wheel Loader – Earthwork – Hydraulic Unit2022-05-12T08:05:45+00:00

Injection Molding Machine – Automotive – Hydraulic Unit

Use case: Injection molding machine for the production of automotive components Adsorber on Hydraulic Unit Injection molding machines can be roughly divided into two units: The injection unit, which prepares the raw material and injects it into the mold [...]

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Wind Turbine – Wind Energy – Gear – Hydraulic Unit

Use case: Wind turbine for energy production Adsorber for gear & hydraulic unit A wind turbine or wind energy plant converts the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. For this purpose, this plant requires a gear transmission [...]

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Bio oil in hydraulic tank

How good that there are alternatives to conventional hydraulic oil. In applications with a high risk of loss and contamination, an oil must be used that has the lowest possible impact on the environment in the event of leakage. Bio-based hydraulic [...]

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Snow Groomer – Automotive – Hydraulic Unit

Use Case: Snow groomer Ventilation drying of hydraulic tanks under extreme environmental influences GIEBEL Adsorbers® protect the hydraulic tanks of snow groomers and thus ensure reliable operation and long maintenance intervals, even under extreme temperature influences. Why are aeration [...]

Snow Groomer – Automotive – Hydraulic Unit2022-05-13T12:04:10+00:00

Waste Baler

Waste baler Breathing drying on a hydraulic tank of a recyclable material press In many waste management companies, baling presses for pressing recyclable materials are part of the operating equipment. The hydraulic systems of the balers are constantly [...]

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Garbage Truck

Garbage truck Ventilation drying on the hydraulic tank of a garbage truck They are in use in many cities throughout Germany: Garbage trucks of waste disposal companies. Due to the continuous operation of the hydraulic systems, the hydraulic [...]

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Wheel Rolling Mill

Wheel rolling mill Objective: avoidance of condensation and permanently good oil quality Water and dirt particles are 80% of the causes of damage to hydraulic systems, gearboxes and rolling bearings. In many industrial companies, extreme environmental conditions are [...]

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Hydraulic Unit for PUR Foam Production

PUR foam production Breathing dryer on IBC containers with isocyanate and other chemicals GIEBEL Adsorbers® increase the quality of PUR foam products and reduce production waste. By effectively drying the air, isocyanates, polyols and other chemicals are protected from [...]

Hydraulic Unit for PUR Foam Production2022-05-06T09:59:53+00:00

Injection Molding Machine

Injection molding machine Plant specifications: Year of construction 2002 Clamping force: 31.500 kN Oil type: Mobil DTE 25 Tank capacity: 6,000 liters Cycle time: 98 to 120 seconds Number of cycles: 720 to 881 per day [...]

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