Straddle Carrier

Straddle carriers are used at ports all over the world. Due to the proximity to water, the hydraulic systems at these mobile port facilities are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. GIEBEL Adsorbers® protect the hydraulic tanks of straddle carriers and thus ensure and thus ensure reliable operation and long maintenance intervals.

Operating conditions

Straddle carriers are efficient machines at port terminals worldwide. The flexible use for transporting containers makes these mobile working machines irreplaceable for port operators. Due to the highly variable weather, the proximity to the water and the permanent environmental influences, there is an increased risk that this working machine will fail unexpectedly. In this case, reliable operation is indispensable.

Adsorber necessity

Due to the large temperature fluctuations and increased humidity, there is a high risk for the hydraulic system of the straddle carrier. A straddle carrier has

  • two central hydraulic systems for lifting the containers, with
    400 l volume each and
  • two hydraulic systems for steering the wheels, each with 20 l

If these heat up and cool down again frequently, condensation forms in the tanks and the hydraulic oil becomes contaminated.

When a straddle carrier is operated in the port terminal, the temperature is below approx. 20°C. At an average humidity of 70% RH, the air thus binds 12.1 g of water per 1m³ of air. If this air is sucked into the tank, the moisture will remain in there. If the hydraulic tank cools down to the ambient temperature at the end of work or at night (Critical already at temperatures below +12.1°C), the humidity in the tank will condense. This means that the risk of condensation water damage in the straddle carrier’s hydraulic tanks is very high.

Function adsorber on a straddle carrier

To permanently protect the straddle carrier from water damage, all hydraulic tanks on a straddle carrier at Europe’s largest container terminal and logistics group were fitted with adsorbers in a 3-month test. While dirt particles from a size of 3μm are separated, the effect of complete air drying is added.
Depending on the tank size, original GIEBEL Adsorbers® of the VENT-PA series were installed. The air drawn into the tank is thus dehumidified to an initial 2%rh (average 10%rh).

Consequently, condensation occurs only when the temperature falls below -12.5°C. Regardless of what insulation or temperature control the hydraulic tank will have in the future, the hydraulic systems are effectively protected against water ingress from the air and can be operated reliably in all weather conditions.

Added value for straddle carriers

The use of adsorbers on straddle carriers at Europe’s largest container terminal and logistics group, has clearly demonstrated protection of the hydraulic oil. Despite weather and temperature conditions, the water content in the oil remains constant and contamination even improves. This measure allows a guaranteed maintenance interval for the hydraulic oil can be maintained. Furthermore unscheduled downtimes due to frozen water in the hydraulic hydraulic system, which improves the quality of the quality of the entire straddle carrier and saves the port operator maintenance costs for the port operator.