Send & Refresh: Sustainability rethought

Already during the development of our GIEBEL adsorbers, we pursue the goal of avoiding waste. This includes reusing those components of an adsorber that have a long service life (for example, the housing). Adsorber cartridges marked with the Send & Refresh symbol can be returned to us. We will remanufacture the adsorber for the price of a spare parts package – this is inexpensive and protects the environment.

We currently offer Send & Refresh exclusively for the VV-DV series.  For the other series, use our equally sustainable refillable adsorber designs in combination with the matching spare parts kits.

How it works

1. First order

Order your first Send & Refresh Adsorber at GIEBEL.

2. Delivery with return shipping label

You will receive your first Send & Refresh Adsorber including a return shipping label.

3. Mounting

Mount the adsorber on your plant. It reliably protects it from the entry ofmoisture and dirt particles. With increasing saturation, the color of the adsorber slowly changes from orange to green.

4. Return & Reconditioning

When the adsorber is completely saturated (colored green), unscrew the cartridge and return it to us with the return shipping label. The valve part remains on the plant. You will immediately receive a reconditioned adsorber cartridge for the price of a spare part kit. This is costeffective and sustainable!

Please note that your GIEBEL adsorber must not have any damage to the housing in order to participate in the Send & Refresh program. For this purpose, please also ensure careful packaging to protect the adsorber from transport damage on its way to us.


Less expensive for the same benefit – the purchase of a reconditioned Send & Refresh cartridge is less expensive than a buying new one

Sustainable protection of the environment – through avoidance of plastic waste and recycling

Contribution to the environmental management system (ISO 14001) – Send & refresh makes a valuable contribution to your internal environmental management system