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Silica gel White (Narrow-pore)

Silica gels are the most commonly used desiccants and consist of 99% silicon dioxide (SiO2). Silica gel white has a water absorption capacity of up to approx. 37% of the dry mass and can be easily regenerated in the oven. Silica gel white has no color indicator.


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Chemical properties

Chemical name: Amorphous silicon dioxide
Composition: SiO2
CAS number: 7631-86-9

Appearance and shapeRound, solid ballsCrystall granulesRound, solid balls
Grain size0,-1 mm / 1-3 mm / 2-5mm0,51 mm / 13 mm / 25 mm2-4mm
Bulk density0,75 – 0,85 kg/l0,380,45 kg/l0,60-0,70 kg/l
Pore volume0,35 – 0,45 ml/g0,851,0 ml/g0,35-0,45 ml/g
Breaking strength> 200 N>200 N70 N
Specific surface600 – 800 m²/g350450 m²/g550 – 650 m²/g
Silicon dioxide (SiO2)99%99.8%97%
Trace elements1%0.2%3%
Water adsorption capacity> 370 ml/kg>900 ml/kg> 370 ml/g


In practice, the most common regeneration method is temperature increase. When desorbing water vapor from silica gel, the temperature must be above 100°C. For silica gels without a color indicator, a regeneration temperature between 150°C and 175°C is recommended.