Garbage truck

Ventilation drying on the hydraulic tank of a garbage truck

They are in use in many cities throughout Germany: Garbage trucks of waste disposal companies. Due to the continuous operation of the hydraulic systems, the hydraulic tank plays a special role. GIEBEL Adsorbers® protect the hydraulic tanks of garbage trucks and thus ensure reliable operation and long maintenance intervals.

An adsorber was installed on a WAF-UE 130 garbage truck manufactured by Faun Umwelttechnik GmbH with a SidePress type press.

Figure: Garbage truck with adsorber installed

Figure: Conventional tank ventilation dryer of a garbage truck

In June 2019, an oil sample was taken and analyzed in the laboratory. The test results prompted the operators of the vehicle to install an adsorber over a test period of four months. The test was intended to show that the use of an adsorber can reduce not only the water content but also the purity class and thus improve the quality of the oil.

After the end of the test period, another oil sample was taken in November 2019. The result clearly shows that the impurity values (for which the adsorber was developed) have decreased. The deterioration of the purity class in the laboratory results can be attributed to the fact that the sample was taken from a different location than the first sample.

At the time of re-sampling, the hydraulic oil was changed to the HLP32 specification specified by the vehicle manufacturer and the aeration dryer was also replaced.

Installation date
(still unsaturated)

(after 1 week)

(after 3 weeks)

(after 8 weeks)

(after 12 weeks)

A new oil sample at the end of January 2020 showed that the impurity values had decreased further. The cleanliness class had also dropped, but not yet to the prescribed value of 16/14/11.