It is often advantageous to purchase several adsorbers, among other things because of volume discounts, long, worldwide transport routes or the simplification of ordering processes. Here the question arises how long GIEBEL Adsorbers® can be stored without reducing the efficiency of use.

Adsorber in new condition

During assembly, the adsorbers are filled with fresh desiccant directly before final bonding. This drying agent has an initial moisture content of 2%. After the filling process, the adsorbers are covered airtightly until all bonding points have dried.

Packaging and storage

After filling, the adsorbers are sealed airtight and prepared for storage. During storage, the adsorbers are doubly protected, with plugs and in a bag.

1. Adsorber after filling and bonding

2. Openings are closed with plugs

3. Adsorber is additionally packed in bags

Optimal storage of an adsorber

After receipt of a GIEBEL adsorber, it must be stored unopened. Ideally in a dark room with a maximum temperature of 20°C. High temperature fluctuations influence the air volume in the adsorber and can cause damage to the adsorber.
If these measures are observed, an original GIEBEL Adsorber can be stored for several years without restrictions. If it is used, there will be no preloading, so that the adsorber will be fully efficient even after a very long storage period.

Use of an adsorber

The sealing plugs on the adsorber may only be removed for a short time after use or installation. This prevents the aforementioned preloading of the adsorber.