In general, it is possible to mount an adsorber in a horizontal position. However, some factors must be observed during installation to ensure the function of the adsorber and to prevent damage to the system.

Mounting a large adsorber

A large adsorber (from size 3 & 5, weight >2kg) generates a high torque on the connectors and can damage them. In this way, leakages can occur at the thread and the air can flow into the system unfiltered and undried.

Adsorber with a good size for horizontal installation

Adsorber is too heavy

Mounting on vibrating equipment

A further aspect is the installation of an adsorber on lightly or moderately vibrating systems. Due to vibrations, larger adsorbers (from size 3 & 5, diameter >110mm) will form an air gap in the silica gel. This gap in the adsorber bed will be taken up by the air as it enters the system and will therefore not be completely dried.

Solutions for safe mounting

There are several solutions to avoid damage to the threads and/or dies in the silica gel and to enable the safe use of an adsorber. Mounting of an adsorber by using an angle adapter with 2x 90° bends. The adsorber is thus mounted offset and any existing components do not have to be offset or a smaller adsorber is used.

The installation via a wall mount and the connection via a hose to the system is recommended for large adsorbers, systems with strong vibrations (e.g. mobile cranes) or systems that are difficult to access. Maintenance work on the adsorber (exchange of the desiccant) is thus additionally facilitated.