Use Case: Tank for biofuel oil (10% FAME)

Adsorber on Storage Tank

Heating oil EL A Bio 10 (commonly referred to as bio heating oil) is a low-sulfur heating oil. Liquid fuel made from renewable raw materials is added to it. Bio heating oil reduces the need for fossil fuels and lowers greenhouse emissions.

“FAME” (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester), better known as biodiesel, is the bio-component added to low sulfur heating oil to make EL A Bio 10 heating oil.It is produced in a chemical reaction from vegetable oils such as rapeseed, sunflower or soybean oil and methanol.

Bioheating oil and water

Although bio heating oil is not miscible with water, it behaves hygroscopically – in other words, it adsorbs moisture from the air. Why is this problematic?

  • Water reduces the heat of combustion. More smoke, greater starting difficulty and lower energy efficiency are the result.
  • Water causes corrosion of the system’s vital components.
  • Water and its accompanying microbes clog and spoil filters, causing premature pump failure.
  • At temperatures around 0°C, water freezes into ice crystals. These crystals allow nucleation and accelerate the gelling of the remaining fuel.
  • Water accelerates the growth of microbial colonies that can clog the system.

Storage of biofuel oil in tanks

Both when heating oil is withdrawn and when it cools, air flows out of the to equalize the pressure. The moisture contained in the air condenses during regular cooling and water gets into the heating oil.

An air dryer provides the optimum protection for a fuel oil tank because it dries the incoming air and lowers the dew point. By using an air dryer, a water content of less than 0.5g per m³ of air is achieved. In this way, the biofuel oil remains dry and the aforementioned damage does not occur.

Suitable tank air dryer

For use on storage tanks with heating oil, we recommend the VV-RV series. It effectively protects the bio heating oil from moisture ingress and indicates the loading condition by a color change from orange to green. If the fill is completely discolored green, the contents are exchanged.